Persistent datastorage

Hi, what is the status concerning Persistent datastorage in ShinyApps?
We need some way to save different filtersettings for different logins, like having predefined reports

kind regards, Sandra

Hi @Sandra, have you seen this article?

Hi, thank you for your answer, yes I already read the article, but I don’t have access to a remote database, which would be preferable. We must use a relational database in my opinion because of concurrent writing/reading, if you have any suggestion, they are welcome!

Kind regards, Sandra

MySQL/RMySQL is a popular relational database which can manage concurrency through locking transactions. PostgreSQL would be another good option as it seems to have more structured support for managing concurrency. Using a PostgreSQL database from R is very similar to the RMySQL example, see

I may be misunderstanding, but the original poster is looking for a relational database in As far as I am aware, this is not an option as of today.

You can use a remote database connection with, but for reasons outlined in this article you'll be fairly limited in your ability to use a database that is on the same host as your shinyapps cloud instance.

If you really do need your database to be running on the same host as your shiny server, then connect will be a better option. Also, if you have a need for reporting, connect will offer a ton of awesome features for running, scheduling, and emailing predefined reports based on rmarkdown


I am unsure about your requirements (especially security can be PITA) but all the major cloud vendors (AWS, Google, Azure) offer smallish databases in their free tiers. To get one up & running takes about an hour or so...

I have a good personal experience with PostgreSQL on AWS, but it is no dogma.

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