Persistent storage w SQLite in local db in

I have uploaded an app to that uses SQLite file / db for storage. I was assuming I could download the "package" - including my database file - when I want to get a copy of the database - is that right? The help is fairly explicit that I can't do that if its a csv - but its just a file like a CSV....

Storage in is not persistent because it works running ephemeral containers, so you can't relay on any file based storage on the server side, you have to implement persistent storage somewhere else.

Thanks very much! I have installed Shiny Server on a ubuntu linux VM (so I can access the persisting db) but the RSQLite packgae install fails - I see a number of fixes - but none seem to fit - what do I need to do to get it installed? It seems to try this 6 x then fails with a final error as belwo. I am on "Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS"
In file included from vndor/boost/bind.hpp:29:0,
​from DbDataFrame.cpp:7:
vendor/boost/bind/bind.hpp:1428:40: fatal error: boost/bind/bind_template.hpp: No such file or directory

Any pointers?

In your first comment you said you were publishing to, that is complete different from hosting in your own server.

To help you with this issue, please post the complete error message you get when you try to install.

Thanks for your offer of help. Yes - since won't keep data I'm trying to host on my own Shiny Server, but having to install RSQLite. The path to the boost package was somehow different from that expected. I have bitten the bullet and gone with SQL Server in Azure - surprisingly fast - sorted - thansks. SQLite support in would be great though!

Looking at the user guide, it would seem that SQLite is supported?

Only as a data source but not as persistent data storage since nothing saved to the local file system will be preserved or shared among instances of the app.

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