Photo count does not count per hour

I want to find out how many photos on Flickr have been posted per hour on a specific subject.
But it gives the total amount of pictures for all the hours per hour(see the outcome bellow the code)
Packages used (RJSONIO) and (RCurl)

downloadFlickrDataMultipleHours <- function(minHourStart, maxHourEnd, text) {

allhours <- as.list(seq(minHourStart,
by="1 hour"))

allFlickrData <- NULL

for (thehour in allhours) {

cat("Downloading data for hour beginning", format(thehour), "...\n")

api_key <- "API_Key"

theURL <- paste0("",
                    "&api_key=", api_key,
                    "&text=", text,
                    "&min_taken_date=", minHourStart,
                    "&max_taken_date=", maxHourEnd,

theURL <- URLencode(theURL)

rawData <- getURL(theURL)
parsedData <- fromJSON(rawData)
total <- parsedData$photos$total
total <- as.numeric(total)

flickrDF <- data.frame(Date=thehour,

allFlickrData<- rbind(allFlickrData, flickrDF)



This is the outcome:

Date PhotoCount
1 2012-10-29 01:00:00 2995
2 2012-10-29 02:00:00 2995
3 2012-10-29 03:00:00 2995
4 2012-10-29 04:00:00 2995

How can I change the code so that it will show the amount per hour?

my understanding is that you have a dataframe with a running photocount from first hour to last hour, with every hour listed (and only listed once)
I believe you are asking for a variable showing hourly change.

it might be this simple

allFlickrData$hourly_change <- allFlickrData$PhotoCount - lag(allFlickrData$PhotoCount ,1)

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