Pie chart with percentage for different groups


I want to do a pie chart. I have a table with column of age (pup, juvenile and adult) and another with harbours (Chichester and Langstone). Is it possible to do a pie chart for every harbour how is the place preference by age groups in percentage? Like pie chart Chicester harbour and there like 45% of juvenile and 15% of pups and 40% of adult.

Short answer: yes; consider the code below

Long answer: can you provide a REPRoducible EXample with your data structure? It would allow for a more specific answer...

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ggplot(mtcars, aes(x = "", fill = as.factor(cyl))) + 
   geom_bar(position = "fill", width = 1) + 
   coord_polar(theta = "y") +
   facet_grid(cols = vars(vs))

r_seals.pdf (67.5 KB)
Here is whole the data set. I am not sure how to use the formula. Please, can you specify where I can put what? I am sorry I am just a beginner.
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Oki, in that case the code should be something like:


ggplot(data = r_seals, aes(x = "", fill = as.factor(Cohort))) + 
   geom_bar(position = "fill", width = 1) + 
   coord_polar(theta = "y") +
   facet_grid(cols = vars(Haulout))

assuming your source data frame is called r_seals.

That is almost perfect. Is it possible to put there exact percentages?

r_cohort_haulout.pdf (13.2 KB)

It is technically possible to calculate the percentages in ggplot call, but it will not be very clear (nor beginner friendly).

I suggest you pre-calculate the summarisation first (i.e. outside of the ggplot) and then just add it via geom_text() with position = position_fill(vjust = 0.5) so that it is shown in the middle of the pie wedges.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

And one more question, is it possible to make histogram only for Harbour seals and their scars from human?

Surely it is; consider something along the lines of this code (I am using only the first 4 rows of your seals dataset, as copying from pdf is a chore):


seals <- data.frame(species = c("Harbour", "Harbour", "Harbour", "Harbour"),
                    ScarHuman = c(2, 2, 2, 3))

seals <- seals %>% 
  filter(species == "Harbour")

ggplot(seals, aes(x = ScarHuman)) +
  geom_bar(fill = "firebrick") # the fill color is just for the looks

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