pkgdown article code output formatting

I discovered this issue in a local package, but then discovered that it also appears to exist for the pkgdown package itself.

Specifically, it appears that code output is not rendered consistently across references and article pages. For example on the pkgdown site, the crayon package shows the intended formatting on the reference pages: Test case: crayon — test-crayon • pkgdown

But the formatting does not show in the article output: Output Rendering • pkgdown

I've checked both the standard ( and dev ( versions of the site, and the issue appears in both.

Is it intended that the output formatting is different between these two sources?

If so, is there a way to force the articles to have the same output formatting as the reference pages?

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:wave: @wjakethompson! If I'm not mistaken this is tracked in the pkgdown issue " Downlit not run on articles?" where one of the last comments indicate it will be resolved by updates in downlit so I'd assume only patience is needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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