pkgdown::build_site() failing in Version 1.2.1049



Error in eval(substitute(expr), data, enclos = parent.frame()) :
is.character(repos) is not TRUE

I have tried this in two of my packages and the minimal (hello world) package made when starting a package from scratch inside the IDE. These all work fine with Version 1.1.456.


Thanks for the bug report. We're aware of the issue; I think in the interim you should be able to work around this problem by running:

repos <- getOption("repos")
options(repos = setNames(as.character(repos), names(repos)))

Let us know if this does resolve the problem for you.


Works perfectly. Thank you.


Works like a charm. Thank you.

It has been years since I have found a bug in a daily build. (I do not try to find them.) I was wondering if you were as responsive as you were when the binaries were less than 40MB. I am impressed.

Great job.

I am anxious for the released version to be 1.2.x. People are going to love being about to integrate other languages into the RMarkdown documents.


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