Placing Appendices after references for Quarto book


I have been working on my thesis with Quarto. I need to render a PDF document where the appendices section is after the References. Nonetheless, it seems that references are always placed at the end of the document. I saw this post but none of the suggestions seems to be working for me.

My _quarto.yml file contains the following:

  type: book

  title: "Assesing uncertanties"
  subtitle: "By"
    - name: "Ronny"
  date: "January 2024"
  date-format: "MMMM YYYY"
    - abstract.qmd
    - index.qmd
    - dedication.qmd
    - acknowledgements.qmd
    - list_abbreviations.qmd
    - chapter_1_intro.qmd
    - chapter_2_lm.qmd
    - chapter_3_ml.qmd
    - chapter_4_conclusions.qmd
    - bibliography.qmd
    - appendices.qmd

 - rap_v002.bib

      - before-body.tex
      - toc.tex
    tbl-cap-location: top
    documentclass: scrreprt
    lof: true
    lot: true
    page-breaks: true
      - inner=3cm
      - outer=3cm
      - top=2cm
      - bottom=2cm
      - headsep=8pt
      - headheight=4pt
      - footskip=33pt
      - ignorehead
      - ignorefoot
      - heightrounded
    linestretch: 1.5
     - section-refs.lua # needs pandoc version >= 2.11 to work

For references I have a file called bibliography.qmd and it contains the following:

# References {.unnumbered}

::: {#refs}


My appendices.qmd file have the following:

# Appendices

| **Name** | **Description** | **Resolution** | **Wavelength**                | **Scale** |
| B4       | Red             | 10 meters      | 664.5nm (S2A) / 665nm (S2B)   | 0.0001    |
| B8       | NIR             | 10 meters      | 835.1nm (S2A) / 833nm (S2B)   | 0.0001    |
| B2       | Blue            | 10 meters      | 496.6nm (S2A) / 492.1nm (S2B) | 0.0001    |

: Harmonized Sentinel-2 Bands {#tbl-harmonized_s2_indices_bands}

Some more plots downhere ...

In the final pdf output, despite having the bibliography.qmd file stated before the appendices section, references always come out at the end of the document, after the appendices.

Is there a way to set up the appendices after the references?

Thanks for the help!

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Faced the same issue running quarto 1.4.534 (pre-release). Reverting back to 1.3.450 solved the issue for me.

Good luck with the submission!

Is this possible to open an issue on Quarto CLI repo with a link to a github repo where we can reproduce ?

If something is working in 1.3 and not in 1.4, we need to fix it probably.

I tried with the template Quarto book having

  title: "quarto-book"
  author: "Jane Doe"
  date: "31/03/2022"
    - index.qmd
    - intro.qmd
    - summary.qmd
    - references.qmd
    - appendices.qmd

and rendering to pdf and I got the reference before

Did you try without this filters ?

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