Please help me rarefy my data

HI guys, I am currently trying to analyse data for an assessment that has been analysed using qiime. I have been trying to rarefy which I can do but I can't do it to an even depth. I am waiting for a response from my lecturer but I need to move on from it ASAP. This data was given to me to carry out the analysis, I am given the code to work with but sometimes have to figure out errors such as this:
Error in access(object, "otu_table", errorIfNULL) : otu_table slot is empty.

What code is causing the error? What packages are you using?

Anti_rare <- rarefy_even_depth(Antibiotics, 10000, rngseed = TRUE)
set.seed(TRUE) was used to initialize repeatable random subsampling.
Please record this for your records so others can reproduce.
Try set.seed(TRUE); .Random.seed for the full vector
Error in access(object, "otu_table", errorIfNULL) :
otu_table slot is empty.

This is the code used for it, I am using phyloseq for this

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