plot does not take all available room in flexdashboard

I have a simple flexdashboard that loads plots from specific folder. Plots were previously rendered and saved to disk as PNG files in a nightly process.
Plots are saved in big sizes.

When loading plots (pictures, in fact) flexdashboard does not expand them to all available room.

img_path <- file.path("plots/picture1.png")


How could be this forced to take all space for every picture?


In Rmarkdown, you can use the out.width and the out.height chunk options to set the size of your images.

You can also choose to save the image of the graph in a certain size then load the image in.

the image is saved to an enormous size. And I guess if theres a more dynamic way instead of setting every chunk. What if I have to do it for all dashboards (more than 100)

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