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I am new to this group, but could use some collective wisdom. I built a Shiny app that has a simple user interface, dynamic text, and a plot_ly scatterplot. It works perfectly on my local servers. When I pushed it out to, everything works correctly except that the plot_ly graph won't render. The error provided is one that I programmed custom, suggesting that there's an issue with the data. However, given that the dynamic text and interface work properly, I can rule that out. What is the best way to ferret out any little-known codicils that might interfere with rendering plot_ly on shinyapps but not on my local server? Note, the log says nothing about missing packages, and I've added and pdf(NULL).

The broken app can be found here:


You are not giving us much to work with, could you paste the content of your logs for that app and maybe some relevant code?


I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I'll be more conscious of code/logs going forward.

That said, in running the app and pulling up the subsequent log to share with you, this morning's log differed almost entirely from what I saw yesterday. Of particular note was a previously unseen error indicating a missing package. I am unsure how/why the logs looked different, maybe an id10t error or...? Regardless, calling windowsFont (without package support) immediately above the point at which I created the plot was the issue. I fixed the windowsFont issue, republished, and now things work properly.


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We'll do. Thanks again.

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