Plotly Animation with scattergl


i am trying to animate a scatter plot with shiny and plotly.
For performance reasons I am using WebGL to render the plot ( by using plotlys 'scattergl' type).
However, when starting the animation the trace just disappears. When using SVG to render the plot, the animation works just fine.

This seems odd, as animations work fine for scatter3d plots which also use WebGL.

See below for a reproducible example.

plot_ly(gapminder,x  = ~ gdpPercap, y = ~lifeExp, mode = "markers", type = "scattergl",text = ~country,frame = ~year)

Has anyone experienced the same thing and knows a workaround?

Thank you.

The same was discussed here. You may use pointcloud as an alternative:

plot_ly(gapminder, x  = ~ gdpPercap, y = ~lifeExp, type = "pointcloud", text = ~country, frame = ~year)