plotly click events (without shiny, in console)

Hi all! :slight_smile: Is it possible to log/return plotly data in a non reactive shiny output (e.g. rmarkdown html?)

Rmd chunk

read.csv("") %>% 
  plot_geo(locationmode = "USA-states") %>% 
    z = ~total.exports,
    locations = ~code,
    color = ~total.exports
  ) %>% 
  layout(geo = list(scope = 'usa',projection = list(type = 'albers usa'))) %>% 
  div(id = "test-map")

browser console

plot_id = $("#test-map").find(".plotly").attr("id");

$("#" + plot_id).on('plotly_click', d => {
  var pt = (d.points || [])[0]

I'd expect the above to return "CO" or "AZ" after clicking on that state, but haven't been able to find a way to get it working.

For what its worth, I am familiar with client side linking (plotly book) and crosstalk but haven't found a way to apply the same underlying theory within a browser console.

Would appreciate any thoughts!

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