plotly colors setting don't work in subplot

hello everyone
I use plotly to make line_plot.
with code below:
p4=plot_ly(p4_data,x=~date,y=~Projection_Variance,type="scatter",mode ="lines",colors="blue",name = "a line",legendgroup ="d=f")%>%
add_trace(y=~Realized_yield,line = list(color = 'Chocolate', width = 2),name="b line",legendgroup ="g")
p4=p4%>%layout(legend = list(orientation = 'h'),xaxis =list(title = ""),colorway=c("blue","Chocolate"))

The color setting with "colors" works fine.

But when I add this plot with some other plot together.the color setting fialed.
subplot(p1,p2,p3,p4,nrows=2,margin = 0.05)
the p1 p2 p3 are similar plot with code like this

p1=plot_ly(p1_data,x=~date,y=~Projection_yield,type="scatter",mode ="lines",name = "Projection",line = list(color = 'blue'),legendgroup ="a")%>%
add_trace(y=~AB20_yield,line = list(color = 'red', width = 2, dash = 'dash'),name="AB20",legendgroup ="b")%>%
add_trace(y=~Good_Target,line = list(color = 'Orange', width = 2, dash = 'dash'),name="Good Target",legendgroup ="c")%>%
add_trace(y=~Exciting_Target,line = list(color = 'Lime', width = 2, dash = 'dash'),name="Exciting Target",legendgroup ="d")%>%
add_bars(y=~Realized_yield, marker = list(color = 'Chocolate'),legendgroup ="e",name="Realized")

p1=p1%>%layout(legend = list(orientation = 'h'),xaxis =list(title = ""),
               yaxis =list(range=c(min(as.numeric(p1_data[p1_data!=0]),na.rm = T)*0.8,max(p1_data[,2:6])*1.02)))


I don't know what's going on.
Can any one help me with it?

colors all have to be lower case e.g. chocolate. Also plotly might not recognise all R colors. If it doesn't recognise it, it will ignore it. Also spell color correctly, no s on the end. Check what colors plotly understands.

thank you for your suggestion.
and sorry about my misleading discription.
my main error is the color set "blue" in the P4. It works when I only plot this figure, but fails when I add p4 into a subplot.


I don't think this is actually working. i think blue is just the default color and it's ignoring colors because it's not a known argument. When you have subplots then the default color changes.

You are right.
what parameter should I change?
I have try set line=list(color="blue") but it failed.
do you have any idea?
Thank you

Check out the documentation for plot_ly. Looks like it needs to be color = I("blue"). color actually refers to the fill color, but stroke (the line color) picks up the same value by default.

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