[plotly] Unable to draw graphs

Hi !

Today I've been asked to draw some charts using plotly package for a Shiny application but i can't figure out how to solve my problem, so i've decided to ask for some help !

Everytime I try to use the function "plot_ly" I get the same error :

Error in arrange_impl(.data, dots) :
Evaluation error: as_dictionary() is defunct as of rlang 0.3.0.
Please use as_data_pronoun() instead.

I tried to remake the example from the official website of plotly and the result stay the same !
I also re-installed the package, updated every package i had installed but their is nothing to do i'm still stucked with that error.

I didn't found anything revelant on google neither.

Thank you in advance and happy new year !

Which version of dplyr have you installed ?

Try to upgrade to the last version and this error should disappear. This seems like a compatibility issue between :package: version. rlang version seems to be newer than your installed dplyr can deal with.

remotes::update_packages() can help you be up-to-date.

Hi cderv, thank you for your help!

I didn't had dplyr installed... So i've installed the package and it is working now !
Sorry it was kind of a newbie question actually !

Have a good end of year 2018 and see you in 2019 :smile:

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