Plotly Webinar Follow Up Thread - Accessing and responding to plotly events in Shiny

This is a follow-up thread on the Plotly Webinar.

Accessing and responding to plotly events in Shiny - presented by Carson Sievert, software engineer at RStudio

Date: February 20th
Time: 1:00PM EST

Webinar Description: For several years now, the plotly package has provided an event_data() function for accessing click, hover, and drag event information in shiny. This functionality provides a powerful way to build dynamic websites with multiple coordinated data views that share information with one another. Recently, we’ve added support for accessing more types of events, notably among these is ability to respond during brushing events. In this webinar, I’ll show you how to access these events in shiny and respond to them in various ways, including approaches that help ensure a fluid and responsive user-experience.

A recording of the webinar will appear here:

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