Plots too pixelated on plots section


My issue is that when i generate a plot via plot() or pairs() the resulting plot is too pixelated on the plots section. But when i click zoom it appears much better. I tried making the size of the section larger but no luck.

Have you tried to save it as an image like .png instead (right after you generate the plot on your rstudio)? you can try to use ggsave( filename, plot = last_plot(), device = NULL, path = NULL, scale = 1, width = NA, # modify here and the height as well height = NA, units = c("in", "cm", "mm"), dpi = 300, limitsize = TRUE, ... )

I am not trying to save the image as when i export it it looks normal, my problem is that the preview on plots section is too bad looking...

I think that's how the plot preview looks in default. So far, there is no way to make it better other than by zooming or saving it into other format.

But my teachers macbook displays the plots with very high res. Even when he readjusts the size by dragging the sides. When i do that the plot becomes almost unreadable.

Okay, fixed the issue. The problem was the zoom level. Lowering the zoom level and increasing the font size fixed the issue.

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