Plotting in RStudio makes it crash, but it works in terminal R

Hi, I am a beginner Rstudio user and primarily use it to analyze single-cell expression data. This analyses is mostly done with a package named 'Seurat'.

While using Rstudio, whenever I run any Seurat plot functions, it shows this error message -

For example, when I use

VlnPlot(pbmc, features = c("nFeature_RNA", "nCount_RNA", ""), ncol = 3)

It shows this error message -

[8366:8366:20210531,095154.310982:ERROR] read out of range
[8366:8366:20210531,095154.311064:ERROR] missing nul-terminator
[8366:8366:20210531,095154.311274:ERROR elf_dynamic_array_reader.h:61] tag not found (this is repeated multiple times)
[8366:8367:20210531,095154.371086:ERROR] opendir: No such file or directory (2)

And then says that Rstudio has crashed.

When I do the same using the terminal R, it works fine and all the plots work.

What am I doing wrong?

If you are using R 4.1.0, try installing the preview version of RStudio for compatibility.

Yes, I am using R 4.1.0, and your solution works! Thank you so much!

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