Plotting RNAseq heatmap argument matches multiple formal arguments

I'm trying to plot a heatmap of my RNA seq data there's a 1847 rows containing the sample names at first row, the gene name at first column, other columns are the TPKM.
But the multiple arguments keep occur when I want to selectively label a few genes.

data <- read.csv("forheatmapUPchipvenny.csv", header = TRUE, row.names = 1, check.names = FALSE)

Selectively label genes

genes_of_interest <- c("abu-7", "abu-8", "abu-10", "abu-11")

Extract the TPKM values

expression_data <- data[, -1] # Exclude the first column

Scale the rows and compute Z-scores

scaled_data <- t(apply(expression_data, 1, scale))

Load the required packages


Create a color mapping for the heatmap

col_fun <- colorRampPalette(c("blue", "white", "red"))(100)

Create the heatmap with gene names as row names and sample names as column names

heatmap <- Heatmap(
col = col_fun,
name = "Z-score",
row_dend_side = "left", # Position row dendrogram on the left side
row_names_side = "left", # Position row names on the left side
row_names_rot = 0, # Rotate row names horizontally
column_names_side = "top",
column_names_gp = gpar(fontsize = 6),
row_names = genes_of_interest,
top_annotation = ha # Add the row annotation to the heatmap

Then it return the error of Error in Heatmap(scaled_data, col = col_fun, name = "Z-score", row_dend_side = "left", :
argument 9 matches multiple formal arguments

How could I solve it?

Could you post a representative selection of this object for aa reprex (see the FAQ). All of the other pieces needed to help troubleshoot are there, but having to reverse engineer data makes for fewer answers.

Solely from looking at the function signature row_names is not a recognized argument.

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