Plotting several variables simultaneously

Hello. I have several numerical vectors: 'a' , 'b' and 'c'.
I would like to plot them simultaneously on one plot.
Could you, please, tell me how to do it?
Thank you for your help.

Since you haven't given much to go on about your data, I have provided the quickest way I can think of.
If you need a better answer, I suggest you provide some more context, and preferably a reproducible example - see how to create a reprex

Any way, this will do something like what you are looking for

d <- replicate(3, sample(1:10))

matplot(d, type = 'l')


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Please include a data.frame and indicate the columns on which you need the plot. I would suggest you learn the package ggplot if you have to publisher print quality charts.

@Maxim I suggest you use google and find tutorials and help pages on how to use tools like plot/matplot/ggplot2 and try learning from them. Come back here when you have a specific problem, error, or question.

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