Plotting UK MSOA boundary 295MB shape file

I only have 8GB RAM, and I need to work with a map of the uk that contains MSOA boundaries. I have been able to import the data successfully with the sf package. However when plotting with the tmap package, at most all I can do is is create a static fill or boundary plot. If i try to create an interactive map, R just crashes on me.

I intedd to merge this map with other data, and also eventually create an interactive map. Is there any more efficient way of plotting this map without my R crashing? Or is there an easier shapefile to work with somewhere that has MSOA boundaries >

uk <- st_read(dsn = "C:/Users/sean/OneDrive /Maps/Interactive Map Project/MSOA/infuse_msoa_lyr_2011_clipped/infuse_msoa_lyr_2011_clipped.shp")


tmap_options(check.and.fix = TRUE)

tm_shape(uk) +

You can consider simplifying the shapefile via {rmapshaper} - for a possible approach consider this post Shape file maps with Leaflet - #13 by jlacko

It refers to a very similar problem (a very detailed map of administrative units of Brasil).

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