Popped out source pane becomes non-responsive after sleep (W10)

I've noticed recently that if I leave RStudio running through a Windows sleep/hibernate and wake cycle, and if I have a source file (eg Rmd file) open in a popped-out pane, the pane is non-responsive after wake-up.

I haven't recently upgraded my RStudio at all - I've been running Version 1.2.5001 since September 2019 I think - but this is a problem I have only noticed recently.

It's not a full IDE crash - the main window is still responding, and if I try to close RStudio it will pop up a dialog box asking if I want to save changes to the open document before it closes. So I am not losing data. But I feel like it needs a restart of the IDE because the editor pane is not responding.

I confess I haven't done any testing on this yet. It would be good to know what info would be useful to gather on this eg if there's a debug mode I can use. And I'll do my best to gather the info as necessary.

Now that I've started this thread, I will try to make notes of anything else I notice about this behaviour, and see if I can work out with more specificity what is going on.

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