Posit Connect: Configure reply-to email address in scheduled report email

I'm setting up a stand-alone rmarkdown report hosted on Rstudio (Posit) Connect, it will be re-generated monthly and sent out an email notification to our clients. I've followed the email setup instructions on this page and was able to send out test emails successfully.

Is it possible to configure reply-to email address in the notification email? It defaults to the email address of the content owner. Ideally we'd like the reply-to email address to be our tech support email address instead of individual content owners.

We are running rstudio connect version 1.8.6 and using SMTP to send emails.


You can set Server.EmailFromUserAddress to false so that emails do not appear to come from the content owner.

You can read about other ways of customizing the appearance of email here: Posit Connect Documentation - Branding and Experience Customizations

Heads-up: some of those settings may only apply for newer versions of Connect; 1.8.4 is no longer a supported version.

Thank you for your quick reply. I already have that setting set to 'false' and the 'from' e-mail address is not using the content owner's address (which is what we want). However, the reply-to email address is still using the content owner's email address.

Got it. I don't believe it's possible to customize the reply-to address today; I'll log that feedback internally.

As a workaround, perhaps you could create an account on the Connect server that you use to deploy these documents with the relevant email address set?

Thank you for the suggestion. That's the workaround we came up with as well, but it will require us to add this new user account to our SSO authentication, which we are trying to avoid unless it's the only solution.