Posit team product installation and configuration


I am browsing through the documentation on Posit team installation and configuration, and feel a bit lost. Can someone maybe clarify some things for me.

Is the recommended order of installing the prodocuts: Workbench -> Connect -> Package Manager?

Additionally, am I correct in understanding that with regards to user authentication step 1 is: Configuring Active Directory in Posit Workbench - Posit Documentation and then step 2 is: Administration Guide - PAM Authentication ?


From a technical and logical perspective I would suggest to deploy package manager first and then either Connect or Workbench. Reason is that in that case you can configure Connect and Workbench directly to use your Package Manager without additional steps. In terms of increasing complexity I would probably do Package Manager, Connect and Workbench.

As for authentication and user management in Posit Team - this is typically a very broad question and typically involves a much deeper discussion and depends on your requirements. We typically discuss this in an architecture call. I wonder if you wanted to schedule such a call at a time your liking via Contact Posit | Schedule a Call With a Posit Expert ?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for this.

Do you also maybe have a recommended setup for a Posit team installation on a local server? Or is this something also to be discussed on an architecture call?


Posit team may work if installed on a local server. We however recommend to set up the products on individual servers.

Please note that the mentioned sizing requirements are only very rough rule-of-thumb numbers. The actual requirements really depend on your intended use cases you want to use Posit Team for.

If you want to continue installing all products on one server you will be able to share things like R and Python installations but on the same note you may hit resource bottlenecks with competing processes, network ports, etc....

As mentioned before, the offer to have a call with one of my Posit colleagues to discuss your requirements end-to-end would really go a long way and help you to get things started from your end with a clear path towards a succesful Posit Team setup.

Thanks for all of this Michael.

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