Possible visualization methods

I have the following data which I am trying to present this visually.
There are two parts.

PK slno date_time_1 date_time_2 Type Country Name Status Action VSTAT
123457 5555 17/1/2021 11:06 am 29/1/2021 9:45 pm T1 USA ABC S1 FSBB V
123457 2487 18/1/2021 3:40 pm 1/2/2021 11:29 T3 USA ABC S1 CAC VG
123457 3357 18/1/2021 4:05 pm 1/2/2021 10:53 T4 USA ABC S3 PMR VGG
123457 5897 18/1/2021 3:42 pm 7/2/2021 4:40 T1 USA ABC S2 NPF VG
123457 8879 18/1/2021 4:34 pm 6/2/2021 22:05 T2 USA ABC S1 CAI V
123457 5547 22/1/2021 11:23 am 1/2/2021 15:12 T2 USA ABC S3 CAC V
123457 2254 28/1/2021 11:12 am 1/2/2021 14:59 T3 USA ABC S3 CAI V
123457 6932 28/1/2021 7:21 pm 1/2/2021 11:10 T7 USA ABC S3 NPF V


Here PK is the primary key and each of the rows need to be indicated as one node/box/entity with the primary key as the primary node.
So how I would ideally like this to look is

                                                 primary key
                    (date_time1 - date_time2)  | type | country | name | status| action| VSTAT

Is there a tree based (or dendrogram) or any other similar visualization method that can be used for this purpose?
Sorry if the figure above is a little vague.


is there a library that can help me create a drop down listing all the primary keys and based on the primary key selected populate the visualization? Would this be easier in Shiny (if so any link where I get a tutorial/help)?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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