Powerpoint style animation using Shiny and flexdashboard...

I teach finance related subjects using PowerPoint and excel. It is a suboptimal approach as using excel in classroom becomes tedious and ineffective. I tried executing a shiny application from PowerPoint (as per this post ) but with mixed success as the integration is not very smooth.
Using flexdashboard is another alternative which I am tinkering with. As it has native support for shiny functionality. But replacing PowerPoint is proving to be more difficult than it I thought. Basic Animation is one area I am not able to implement in flexdashboard. I have the following area where I need guidance:

  • Is flexdashboard/shiny combo appropriate to replace PowerPoint/Excel based teaching?

  • If the answer to above is yes, then how would I implement Basic Animation in flexdashboard/shiny world?

Any link, pointer will be very helpful.

Thanks for the help

Hi Kishore,

Will suggest u can start by creating reports / parameterized reports and slides with R markdown and flex dashboard and then move to shiny.

For animated plots you can use the gganimate package.


For Plots (dy graphs ,plotly , leaflet and rbokeh ) are all great if you have already mastered ggplot2 and lattice

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@jdurvesh Thanks for your reply. My question is not about charts to use for teaching. It is about, if flexdashboard/shiny is a good alternative to PowerPoint/Excel, then how can I accomplish Basic Animation in flexDashboard?