predictClass function is not found in lcmm

I am trying to use predictClass to estimate posterior classification after runnig a hlme growth mixture model. Although I have downloaded lcmm and everything runs smoothly until I use the predictClass function which is not found.
Any clues why is this the case?

you likely havent loaded the lcmm library before trying to use its functions


lcmm library is loaded and all the other lcmm-related function run without a problem.

can you run the following and report back


you should see

function (model, newdata, subject = NULL) 
    arguments <- as.list(model$call)
    argfunction <- as.character(arguments[[1]])


I see the following:
Error: 'predictClass' is not an exported object from 'namespace:lcmm'

you might have a too early package version.

> packageVersion("lcmm")
[1] ‘2.0.0’

according to the news

Changes in Version 1.9.3 (2021-06-17):

  • new functions predictClass, predictRE and summaryplot

Thanks that solved it!

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