Prediction with trained and exported keras model.

I have trained a keras model and saved the final model using:

model %>% save_model_tf("model")

Now, say, I want to send this model to my colleagues who will use this model with their own data to make predictions. They are not programmers, so I will send the following code to them so they can only focus on the result:

model = load_model_tf("model")
model %>% predict(your_data)

But the problem I am having is that to run the above code, they have to install anaconda, python etc. And as they will only use R to make prediction on their data probably just once, I do not think if it is necessary for them to download all the dependent software. I am wandering, if there is any workaround to achieve this without having to download many other software? I would specifically want to be able to successfully run model %>% predict(your_data) in R with R packages.

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