Prevent shinyapp from adding random suffix to the link/URL of app on startup

I'm currently working on an app that I deployed on Every time I open the link of the app (<my_username><app_name> ), when the app loads, a random suffix will be added to the link in the format /w<random_number>/, so the link becomes something like <my_username><app_name>/w<random_number>.

This wouldn't normally bother me too much, but part of the functionality of the app involves reading the clientdatasession and sending initialization parameters to the app on startup using the link of the app (e.g I do something like <my_username><app_name>/?UNSUBSCRIBE =TRUE to automatically tell the app to take me to an unsubscribe page on startup). With a random suffix that gets added to the link, I am not able to do this anymore since I do not know in advance what the link will be for me to send parameter to the app using the link.

Any thoughts or insights will be appreciated.

you may want to checkout the shinyURL package here:
Andrzej gives a talk here: where you can work with Shiny URLs to preserve certain states of your app

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