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I just tested this out using two free RStudio Cloud accounts (A and B). User A had an old project in "Your Workspace" and was not running it during the test. User B created a temporary copy of this project and ran it for 20 minutes. During the test, these 20 minutes counted toward user B and not user A. To me, this means teachers are only charged for the time it takes to set up and test their course materials, not for the time students are busy working through the exercises. This differs from a paid account, which charges me for other people's usage. So in other words, unlike, it seems like I have complete control over whether I incur overage charges in the paid versions of RStudio Cloud. This makes me feel much more at ease subscribing to Cloud, and I think it deserves more emphasis in the docs.

I have the opposite impression from my testing. All costs are borne by the owner of the shared space is my understanding.

I also created a dummy account, added it as a member to my shared space, and used it to open an "assignment." It ran 1 + 1 and left it idle the rest of the time. That added 42 minutes of usage to the shared space.

What kind of shared space did you use? If you had to manually create that shared space, then yes, the terms do say you get charged for other people’s usage just like But it seems to be opposite for “Your Workspace”, the default space everyone gets at the beginning. I was using that special “Your Workspace” space.

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