Primer - Work with Tibbles

On View(babynames) I am getting "unable to start data viewer"

Since this is from the cloud site I didn't see anything that said that I even had to have R installed locally? It actually states that everything is pre-loaded. This is my first look into R and was going through the sites training modules, I just need to know if it was the sites error or mine :slight_smile:

I was able to reproduce this problem by following along in the Primer ( I'll check with the author of that tutorial to see what the problem is.

As a workaround, if you start a new project on RStudio cloud, and run the same code, I suspect it will work correctly.


Good to know that you can run on their virtual environment without all the scut work involved in maintaining your own system!

Thanks for finding this @ssimon. I'll need to change it: What you are looking at is an HTML tutorial made with the learnr package. AFAIK, learnr tutorials do not have a way to open the R data viewer, which is what View() opens. If you run the code (including install.packages("babynames") and library(babynames) in an R console, it should work. As you may now guess, the content for some of the tutorials pre-exists the finished version of learnr.


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