printf and done in windows

Hi there, I am almost completely new in the coding field.

However, I've basically been given some scripts to run. I'm using RStudio in Window 10.
I've noticed that if I try to run the script in my windows, it does not work, whereas if I try with someonelse's computer (a Linux) it has no issues.
The problems are:

'#!' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Same message pops up for "printf" and "done"

Do I have to download a package to make them work on windows o is it impossible to make these commands work? I know it might be a quite basic question. Thanks for replying!

Ok. I'll ask my silly question first to get it out of the way. Are you sure these are R scripts and not other kind of scripts like Linux bash scripts?

Seriously, it could be. I am definitely starting from 0, I just know I have a script to run and that I have a windows computer to use so really, that's as far as I go

Can you share, I don't know. The first 5 lines of the script?

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