printing a dataframe and getting the result I want!

Here is the input:
name<-c("Joe", "John", "Nancy")
sex <- c("M", "M", "F")
age <- c(27, 26, 26)
df <- data.frame(name, sex, age)
result <-data.frame(name$age, name$sex)

comes back as:
Error in name$age : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors

but I thought I was creating a dataframe!
Also it automatically prints out the result of the last equation which is kind of strange...

ok. but 'name' contains c("Joe", "John", "Nancy") yet you wrote code to take 'age' from name ... name$age ?

result <-data.frame(df$age, df$sex)

or given that they aren't only in df but also in the global environment (i.e. based on how you went about making df)

result <- data.frame(age,sex)

Hello! I figured out to take out the $ and it worked fine. But I was unaware that I was in a global environement. How can I differentiate?
By the way, thanks for your time. It wouldn't be possible to get thru this muck without some direction.

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