Printing Indexes From Replicate()

I am working with the R programming language.

I defined the following function:


fn <- function(){
    a_j = rnorm(100,10,1)
    b_j = rnorm(100,10,1)
    c_j = rnorm(100,10,1)
    sum_j = a_j + b_j + c_j
    d_i = mean(rnorm(10, sum_j,  sum_j))

I then used the replicate() function in R to repeat my function n = 100 times:

results <- replicate(100, fn())

[1] 23.8183
[1] 23.27264
[1] 42.64727

My Question: When the replicate() function is running - is it possible to add a "print" statement within the replicate() function itself that prints the "replicate" index number?

Something like:

[1] 23.8183 , 1
[1] 23.27264, 2
[1] 42.64727, 3


what would it mean to do it within the replicate() ? rather than anywhere else ... ? technically you can edit replicate or make your own version of replicate but then; is it still replicate ? I have to think that the short answer is no; but this shouldnt be a problem for you in your work given that you could get the information you want without that using other methods.