Problem in viewing pipes in R script

I am a new user/student to R programming. I have a problem in viewing below code in R script, even though I already set following

filter_growth <- ToothGrowth %>%
filter(dose==0.5) %>%
group_by(supp) %>%

What sort of error do you get?

no error code in the R console, it shows only the code except the filtered table

when you assign a result to an object name filter_growth <- some calculation tpyical behaviour is that the calculation results get stored in the name, and not printed to console. if you you want to print to console you can wrap the statement in a pair of normal brackets

(filter_growth <-   some calculation)

which is the same as

filter_growth <-   some calculation

p.s. this is not related to Rstudio IDE but more fundamentally to 'R', as you would expect the same in RGUI or Rterm etc.


many thanks for the help

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