problem of python version during tensorflow installation in R

I have a problem with Tensorflow installation in R (I use RStudio-1.3.1073) where the old Python version 3.6 is installed. I would like 3.7. How to change it ?

Here the step I used:

I download Tensorflow in R and I got using:

> install.packages("tensorflow")

Then I install Tensorflow and in r-reticulate folder I got Python 3.6 as detailled:

> install_tensorflow()
## Package Plan ##

  environment location: C:\Users\PC\AppData\Local\r-miniconda\envs\r-reticulate

  added / updated specs:
    - numpy
    - python=3.6

What is you installed python version currently ? It seems you have miniconda install.

Also in install_tensorflow you have conda_python_version argument that defaults to 3.6. You may try to change that. look at ?tensorflow::install_tensorflow()

Hope it helps

I installed anaconda first with Python 3.8, then I install on Rstudio Tensorflow, Keras and reticulate.

When I run the following line tensorflow::install_tensorflow() I got same python version 3.6

> tensorflow::install_tensorflow()
## Package Plan ##

  environment location: C:\Users\Mezeix\AppData\Local\r-miniconda\envs\r-reticulate

  added / updated specs:
    - numpy
    - python=3.6

yes check the argument I mentioned, it default to 3.6. You may change that I think

right it is by default 3.6. Thanks

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