problem of saving an excel file


I want to create a new excel form from R that will be imported on an API (kobotoolbox). For the import to be done correctly, the file must be valid on : ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x

When I create an excel file using the "xlsx" or "openxlsx" packages, the form is not valid when tested on the site.
I get this error: Error: The survey sheet is either empty or missing important column headers.

However, if I open this same form with Excel and simply click save, the form becomes valid.

I also tried to change the encoding in my R script but it didn't work.

Note that the two files are not the same size, after saving with excel, the file becomes heavier.

Also, when I open the two files (the one generated in R and the one generated in R and then saved in Excel) in Excel, the display is exactly the same.

Do you have any idea what is causing my problem?

Hello, after a lot of research, I found the writexl package which works to have a valid form.

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