problem on the construction of the table under shiny

I work on a shiny application and all work well but I have an error on the construction of my tables with input $ select
the error is

Warning: Error in $< replacement has 1 row, data has 0

if (interactive()) {
  ui <- dashboardPage(
      selectInput("use", label = "SELECT :", 
                  choices = c("bureau","unité")),
      selectInput("inSelect", " cHOISIR ",
                  choices = NULL),
  server <- function(input, output,session) {
    choi <-reactive({
      if (input$use=="bureau"){
        # Can also set the label and select items
        return( c("bureau"))}
      else if (input$use=="unité"){
        return (list$libelle)}
      updateSelectInput(session, "inSelect",
                        label = paste(" "),
                        choi= choi())
    output$plot <- renderPlotly({
      if (input$use=="bureau"){
        table_bureau =tbl_bureau[tbl_bureau$libelle==input$inSelect,]

        #Cla moyenne totale de chaque service par jour durant tte la periode ...
        table_moy <-table_bureau %>%  group_by(jour)  %>% summarise(Moyenne = mean(taux))
        table_sd <- table_service %>%  group_by(jour) %>%  summarise(sds=sd(taux)) 
        tbl_service_moy_sds <- merge(table_moy,table_sd, by=c("jour"))
        tbl_service_moy_sds<- na.omit(tbl_service_moy_sds)
        to_plot <- tbl_service_moy_sds 
        plot_mois_courant<- tbl_exh_hopital_ser_mois_courant  %>% filter(libelle==input$inSelect)
      to_plot<- na.omit(to_plot)
      pp <- ggplot(to_plot, aes(jour)) +
        geom_line( aes(x=jour, y=Moyenne, colour = "moyenne"),data=to_plot) + 
        geom_line(data=plot_mois_courant, aes(x=jour, y=Moyenne, colour = " mois courant"))+
        ggtitle(paste0("Evolution de la moyenne: ","''",input$inSelect ,"''","  PSL")) 
  shinyApp(ui, server)

Please help me

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