Problem viewing a pdf file in a shiny app


To view a pdf file and my shiny app, I use the following code on the server side, which everyone recommends:

output$pdf_info_exper <- renderUI({
selected_Exper = input$select_data
pdf_path = get_pdfExper (selected_Exper,base_dir='.')
tags$iframe(style="height:600px; width:100%", src= pdf_path, type="application/pdf")
#tags$embed( src=pdf_path, style="height:600px; width:100%", type="application/pdf")
The problem is that when I do it, it skips my app adobe reader directly and I haven't embedded it in my app. when run the app in the browser if the pdf is embedded in the app, I understand,I would like to know how to embed the pdf viewer in my app without the adoba/reader jumping...

I accept any suggestion, thanks..

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