Problem with arrow keys in RStudio iOS-Safari




if got a problem with my RStudio setup. I use RStudio server edition v. 1.1.456 on my ubuntu server 18.04. For my ‘client’ I use a 7. generation Ipad with iOS12 and a bluetooth keyboard. I access RStudio via Safari Browser.

And well my problem is simple: my arrow keys are just not working.. which makes it quit impossible to use it effectively.

Note: while using it with my mac or windows pc arrows keys are working fine.

Anybody got the same problem or some suctions?



Hi @mystorius! Welcome!

There are several known bugs involving use of RStudio Server from iOS. You can see them all on the GitHub issue tracker:

Based on this previous discussion here, the problem is related to one of the components RStudio uses under the hood:

Work is apparently underway, but I don’t know how soon any of this will be fixed.


There have been some efforts to provide support for arrow keys on iOS in the preview release of RStudio. Can you give that a shot and let us know if the situation has indeed improved there?


thanks for the info. I tried it with v 1.2.1047-1 and it works :slight_smile: Keyboard shortcuts are still missing but now its at least usable.