Problem with bibliography

Hello there! I hope somebody can help. I'm writing a paper using R Studio and Mendeley reference manager. Now problem is, that everytime I try to Knit to Word the following error message appears :

File C:_Feeding_Analysis.bib not found in resource path
Fehler: pandoc document conversion failed with error 99
Ausführung angehalten
In file.remove(intermediate_html) :
kann Datei 'paper-erster-versuch-4.knit.tmp.html' nicht löschen. Grund 'No such file or directory'

I made sure, that the bibliography path is in the same folder as my R-Project. The original path for my bibliography is : bibliography: C:\Users\joolm\Documents\R\Dissertation\Condition_Feeding_Analysis\library.bib

I am using windows if that matters.

I would be very happy if somebody can help.
Thank you in advance!

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