Problem with broken, squished, and missing legends plot

Dear everyone,

I'm using the "optrees" package, with the command "getMinimumSpanningTree" for my cluster analysis. Ideally, when the number of nodes are small, the plot looks like this:


nodes <- 1:4
arcs <- matrix(c(1,2,2, 1,3,15, 1,4,3, 2,3,1, 2,4,9, 3,4,1), ncol = 3, byrow = TRUE)
getMinimumSpanningTree(nodes, arcs, algorithm = "Kruskal")

But for my analysis, the number of nodes is N = 407, and the resulting plot is extremely squished, broken and unreadable, with all the legends missing regardless how I zoom it. image here (sorry as I can only upload 1 image per post currently)

I wonder if anyhow I can fix the plot to be more visible and usable.

Any help is appreciated! Many thanks.


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