problem with Installing wle package that is not avaliable in R anymore for mac

I am trying to install wle package. But it is not avaliable in CRAN anymore. I have installed gfortran.
When I try to install the latest version of the package avaliable in CRAN archive I get the following error. I would apprecaite if you could help me with that. Thx

If you have an Intel Mac or a Silicon Mac with Rosetta installed, the binary version may work for you because it won't require compilation form source and so avoid the error. If that doesn't work, you are better off exploring the many packages shown in the taskview for robust statistics for an alternative. I can't point you in a specific direction without an idea of the specific functionality that you're looking for.

The alternative of debugging code last updated almost ten years ago, according to its README, in order to get it compile under macOS is unattractive. This is especially true with a package that its author describes as "not optimized" and containing "some bugs."

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