Problem with object types creating a function

Hello. I need to write a sintax that reads a SPSS database and then estimate totals using the svyby() command. The problem appears when I try to do it into a function. First I read the data outside of the function with these commands:

baseTot <- read_sav(here("C:/Base.sav")) %>%
rename(UPMs=Cons, Estrato=Estra, Factor=Fact)
diseño <- svydesign(id=~1, strata=~Estrato, data=baseTot, weights=~Factor
marco <- as_factor(baseTot$TipodeMarco)
cruce <- as_factor(baseTot$Sector)
y <- as_factor(baseTot$Con)

Then I run this function:

estimaciones <- function(baseTot, diseño, y, cruce) {
a_n <- svyby(~y, ~marco, diseño, unwtd.count, keep.var=FALSE)
a_e <- svyby(~y, ~marco, diseño, svytotal, deff=TRUE, keep.var=TRUE, vartype=c("se","ci","cvpct"))
ab_n <- svyby(~y, ~cruce+marco, diseño, unwtd.count, keep.var=FALSE)
ab_e <- svyby(~y, ~cruce+marco, diseño, svytotal, deff=TRUE, keep.var=TRUE, vartype=c("se","ci","cvpct"))

And when I call the function I obtain this error:

est <- estimaciones(baseTot, diseño, ~y, ~cruce)
Error in model.frame.default(x, model.frame(design), na.action = na.pass) :
object is not a matrix
Called from: model.frame.default(x, model.frame(design), na.action = na.pass)

It is important to mention that the commands work properly if they are not into a function. What could be the problem?

I appreciate your help on this issue.

Thank you

Hi, can you provide a reproducible example of baseTot? It would make it easier to help and we don't have your dataset.

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