Problem with plotting (autoplot function)

Hi guys,
I'm working with a tsibble object and I would like to forecast with it, when I try autoplot to check my timeseries, I got this result:

dataset_tsbl %>%
geom_line() +
ggtitle("Total de Vendas por regiões Metropolitanas") +
xlab("Anos") +
ylab("Vendas") +


When I use ggplot my time series works fine, also when I try to check if my time series is white noise I got on error:

dataset_tsbl %>%
features(.var = MET_t,
dof = 0)

Error: Can't recycle ..1 (size 168) to match ..2 (size 0).
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.
Além disso: Warning message:
168 errors (1 unique) encountered for feature 1
[168] 'ts' object must have one or more observations

I'm new with forecast, maybe I`m missing sth really simple, someone could help me to figured out this issue?

Best Regards

Please provide a minimally reproducible example.
The autoplot(<tsibble>) function is not designed to handle datasets that contain many series. Consider writing your own {ggplot2} plot code to better visualise your data.

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