problem with read csv file

hello, i try to read the csv file but every time i get this error. how i can solve this?

I see ???? In the path printed along with your error. Some issues can be caused by non standard characters (i.e hebrew) in paths in R sadly. Perhaps altering the path to one without hebrew in it will help.
Be sure you use getwd() so you have no doubt which directory you are in, you may need a relative path if the folder with your csv is somewhere else

i try to fix the ???? and change the folder name. it still show me an error :sweat_smile: can it be something else? thank for yor help :pray:

What is your working directory ?
What is the path of your csv ?

i download the csv from the website of my course. from the "Download" i take it to folder i named "sce". i saw friend of my who does exactly the same actions and it work for him..
i try also to rename the csv and it didn't work :neutral_face:

If you getwd() does a path involving sce come up, or not?. Probably not.
I cant tell you what to type to make everything work because i dont know the paths of your system...

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