Problem with sim.power {SWSamp}



I am trying to simulate power for the stepped wedge design using the SWSamp package. But getting errors when I try to achieve that for a binary outcome. my code is thus:


pow.bin <- sim.power(I=20, J=5, H=NULL, K=5, design='cohort', p1=0.13, b.trt=0.46, OR=0.55,
                     rho=0.02,  family='binomial', natural.scale='logit',
                     sig.level=0.05, n.cores=2)

However, I get this error:

Error in { : task 1 failed - "object 'OR' not found"

Can someone assist me to solve this delima?

Thanks in anticipation


in sim.power, OR is not a parameter of the function

That means it is evaluated as ... . Read the source code and try to understand how this function should be used in your case. I know nothing about what you are doing, but OR is mentioned here and after:

And it seems that natural.scale should be TRUE or FALSE and OR is defined internaly based on b.trt

Hope you'll find how to fix your issue.


Thank you cderv, this is very helpful