Problem with use of one pair of brackets - as part of the Control Structures


I am a new user and I began my first contact of RStudio. But I have a little problem: when I use the brackets {} I cannot jump to another row to continue writing my code. If I done, clicking enter, RStudio shows me a message of NULL and the right bracket ‘}’ stays in the initial row. On the other hand, If I wrote a line code inside of the brackets {} and I try to jump to the next row, RStudio displays something like a bullet ‘+’… and it seems the software stays waiting for me for any instruction.

I tried to change some configurations topic following the path “View/Panes/Pane Layout” and I looked for any solution in the menu “Code” of the dialog box “Options”, but to be honest, I wasn’t able to change something =(

Can you help me to solve this problem, please?

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It may be that you are typing in the console rather than the script window.

My version of RStudio looks like this:

You should be typing in the top left window in my layout and then submitting the code and the results should show up below.

Otherwise we need a reproducible example (reprex). See

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