Problems during "Opening project"

Hello, I'm having trouble opening any of my project, they all get stuck on the "opening project" phase. I've tried logging out, relaunching the project, opening in an incognito windows and empting the caches but nothing is working, it always gets stuck. I'm a few days away from finishing my master thesis and I really don't know what else to do.
I will be fine even not opening my old project because I have everything saved and just being able to access a new project.
An example could be this, a new empty project that I cannot get access to:
Any help will be highly appreciated.


Sorry to hear about your problems with opening projects. We've checked project on our end and have not found a reason for the behavior you're seeing. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Try to open the project in a different browser. If you currently use Chrome, we suggest you try to use Firefox.
  2. Check if there are errors in the browser console while opening the project. You can find instructions on how to enable the browser console here:

If you find errors in the browser console, please provide a screenshot.


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