Problems installing my own package from GitHub

I developed a package but when I try to Install it using Install_github gave me this error:

Downloading GitHub repo ManuelSpinola/crgeo@HEAD
Error: Failed to install 'crgeo' from GitHub:
HTTP error 404.
Not Found

Did you spell the repo owner (ManuelSpinol) and repo name (crgeo) correctly?

  • If spelling is correct, check that you have the required permissions to access the repo.

The error message is indicating that the package could not be found on GitHub with the provided repository owner and repository name.

Here are a few possible explanations for the error:

  • The repository name is incorrect, please double check if you typed the correct repository name.
  • You may not have the required permissions to access the repository. This could be because the repository is private and you haven't been granted access, or because the repository has been deleted.
  • The repository may not exist anymore or it may have been archived.

One thing you can check is if the package is on CRAN, if so you can use install.packages("package_name") to install it, if not you may have to contact the repository owner to check what's going on.

If you are sure that the repository name is correct and you have the required permissions to access it, then the issue may be with the package. You could try to install the package from a local copy of the package by specifying the path to the package.

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Another thing you can do is to check the repository on Github to see if it's still there, if the repository is gone then you can't install the package from Github.

Additionally, you could try to troubleshoot the problem by checking the package's DESCRIPTION file and NAMESPACE file, and make sure that the package is properly formatted and all dependencies are listed.

This is weird, but I can reproduce it. Please report a bug at the r-lib/remotes repository.

FWIW pak (see ) can install it without issues:

❯ pak::pkg_install("ManuelSpinola/crgeo")
✔ Loading metadata database ... done

→ Will install 1 package.
→ Will download 1 package with unknown size.
+ crgeo   0.1.0 👷🏿🔧 ⬇ (GitHub: 59df90d)
ℹ Getting 1 pkg with unknown size
✔ Got crgeo 0.1.0 (source) (56.68 MB)
✔ Downloaded 1 package (56.68 MB)in 7s
ℹ Packaging crgeo 0.1.0
✔ Packaged crgeo 0.1.0 (3s)
ℹ Building crgeo 0.1.0
✔ Built crgeo 0.1.0 (18.7s)
✔ Installed crgeo 0.1.0 (github::ManuelSpinola/crgeo@59df90d) (109ms)
✔ 1 pkg + 11 deps: kept 9, added 1, dld 1 (NA B) [34.2s]

Thank you very much.

I found a misspelling in the description

Remotes: ManuelSpinol/crgeo

and should be:

Remotes: ManuelSpinola/crgeo

I think that was the problem.

Probably. But you don't need to include that field in the same package.

It is normally used to refer to other GH repos as dependencies.

Thank you very much Gabor.

I think some of the package that I used to build a package put that in the Description.

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