Problems with Rstudio v1.4.1717

When running analysis it uses all the RAM, the processes take more than 2 times and when they finish, the RAM is still busy, so I have to turn off the computer. This happened to me with windows 7 and 10 on three different computers. Finally, I had to go back to version v1.4.1103, although now I get a warning with the graphics engine ... but, it returned to normal.
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I am experiencing a similar problem (see RStudio Desktop absorbs all RAM). Did you simply downgrade to v1.4.1103 to solve this issue?

May I ask you if you are also using windows 10 and R 4.0.5?

Thank you

one of the pc has widows 10 and R 4.1. I re installed Rstudio v1.4.1103. So far it has worked fine, although I get a warning that the graphics engine is outdated and the plot viewer will not work until it is updated.

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